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Friday, January 29, 2010

Before I go any further...

In my last post, I mentioned my friend Emily. I'm going to take a moment to mention that she's my best friend, and partner in "cake" crime. :-) She and I have known each other since junior high, were roommates in college, and now work on cakes together. She decided that after her son was born (he's 3 now), that she wanted to be the "cool" mom who made all of his birthday cakes and always had something unique on the birthdays. Even though I'd been to culinary school, she'd never decorated a cake before. We attempted a couple of cakes, and then decided to take the Wilton classes together at our local Michael's store. She is very artsy so this is right up her alley. Word is starting to spread about the cakes that we do so we're getting more requests for them. We also make cake balls, cheesecake bites, brownie bites, cupcakes, and decorated cookies.
As I get to the cakes that we did together, I will mention her many contributions. There are a couple that have beautiful details on them which I can take absolutely no credit for.

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