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Monday, January 25, 2010

The "Diva" cake

This was made the a coworker's cousin. When I initially talked to her, she wanted a topsy turvy cake. I have never made one of those before, was honest with her about that. She changed her mind to one that was flat on the top and carved in on the sides. I hadn't done one of those either, but it was a little easier to think about than the topsy turvy cake.

The top tier of the cake is strawberry margarita cake, and the bottom tier is chocolate fudge. Both tiers of the cake are covered with marshmallow fondant from the recipe that I posted earlier. I highly recommend the marshmallow fondant for those who like working with fondant. You would probably never know it from the pictures, but I had a problem with the top tier falling apart. I had to be extra careful with it because it wanted to give way once the fondant was added.
I'm glad it turned out as cute as it did, because I really had my doubts. I'm not a pink person and wasn't convinced that all this pink and black would be cute together on a cake. I was a little disappointed that the birthday girl wasn't there when I arrived to set it up, because I like to leave knowing that the client likes the cake. I heard from her the next day saying that she loved it.
All of the pink stones on the ribbon were placed individually. She wanted sparkle on the ribbon and I couldn't find a ribbon with sparkle on it, so I had to make my own. The same stones were hand placed on the top tier around the diamonds. All of those diamonds are hand cut, as are the zebra stripes. It was a lot of work and I actually have blisters on my hands from working with the fondant so much.

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